Thank you for using eConsult, where possible please do use this online tool so that you don’t have to phone us.

We’d like to give you an overview of what you can use eConsult for as it’s a really flexible way of getting in touch with the practice team for a range of reasons.

Firstly, if you have a clinical problem that you’d like to tell us about, that is not time-sensitive or urgent, then please complete the eConsult that is best suited to the type of problem you wish to discuss.

Our patient services team aim to acknowledge these within 24 hours (working hours) and will text, reply on email, or phone you to arrange an appointment.  This appointment will either be a telephone or face to face appointment depending upon the issue.

These appointments will usually be available within a week – at busier times, this may be slightly longer.

If you need a Sick Note (also known as a Fit Note or a Med3) you can request this on here too and iti’s the preferred way of requesting an extension to an existing Sick Note.  By making your request this way you do not need to phone us, you can provide us with all the information that is needed.

Other administration queries can also be sent to us this way, if you want to ask about a recent test result or any letters, these can all be requested via eConsult.

Non-urgent advice: IMPORTANTLY

You DO NOT need any login details to be able to use this tool – you just need to be our patient.
Click here to access eConsult